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Season 3, Episode 1 · 2 years ago

Episode 300 - Fast Ferry Trailer


In Season Three of Hear UR, our story deals with a well-known and much debated topic in Western New York -- The Rochester Fast Ferry. Full episodes will drop on December 5. Tune in, and share the podcast with your peers!

Their rochister is solely responsible for everything that says. For should loan letter that he sold smart. I guess the roll, I call this ad a long time ago to the face they was going to fail, and I call it a white elephant. And again here's Mr Mayor, ex mayor to his horn and saying he's net net. This honest to all, a crackabol they need to be investigation and they'd do real quick. There does some really good projects for ratism. Really needed to let the boat go because we're going to be feeling it in our pockets for a very, very long time. I moved to Rochester, New York, in two thousand and sixteen from Brooklyn, and the people here are very friendly and proud of their city. They love to talk about the history of Kodak and its founder, George Eastman. They mentioned other companies like Xerox, Bosh and Lam and genesee brewing which have made Rochester...

...their home. Most recently, Wegmans supermarkets has risen to the top of the HEAP, opening a new outpost in the heart of Trendy Brooklyn amongst locals. Rochesterians also love to chat about the weather, predicting snowfall accumulations in the severity of upcoming winners. They love discussing the hundred year old public market, where every Saturday nearly the entire city shows up to browse the produce, drink coffee and catch up with one another, rain, Sun or snow. But I also learned there are some things Rochesterians do not like to talk about, and at the top of the list is the infamous fast ferry. The service which ran between Rochester and Toronto for just over two hundred days cost the city in state tens of millions of dollars. Needless to say, people are still a little touchy about it. And yet it's hard for many to remember now, but most Rochesterians love the fairy. When it opened I was wonderful, very relaxing, very much better than driving. The ferry was fast, smooth and...

...a perfect pride the ride. Those beautiful about US score the service everything. The excellent we endriy better much. Even the Canadians loved it, like this man, Hi guys a price to see all the media coverage Roger, I thought the trip was well worth it. I think it's great thing. I think especial for Rochester. Back in Toronto City officials believe the fairy service would spark a redevelopment of its port. People from Rochester, we're going to see our waterfront revitalization starting from Ground Zero. You know this. Twenty years from now, if we were here, this would be magnificent and it's encouraging to see that the people from Rochester going to come help take it off. For a brief time it seemed the service was here to stay. It's a great day for for Rochester, a great day for Toronto, and this is the first of many success however, was not a foregone conclusion. In fact, many wondered if it could ever work at all. The stakes are high for...

...the fairy company. Cats of forty two million dollar vessel, with millions of taxpair dollars riding on its success. The company needs four hundredzero passengers a year to break even. And before the boat even made it to Rochester, mishaps piled up during a delivery voyage. We had a slight program on the way up, a blown head gas getting one of these massive engines. Just weeks after being removed from the assembly line, Spirit of Ontario was sporting a twenty five foot Gash above the starboard sides waterline after ramming into a Manhattan Pier. Unfortunately, we had a few minor glitches with some hardware software, you know printing out boarding passes, but we think we've resolved those and tempers flared. I don't talk to build largest. Why not? Because he's a vivious person and before people knew it, the service ended. We couldn't in good conscience continue this operation every day knowing or going forward knowing that there was no relief... sight on these major hurdles that have been put in front of this company since day one. I'm sad. I'm very sad about it because this is my first time over. It was awesome. We're totally devastated about it. This is our first trip like this morning. Wonder if a beautiful day in Toronto. Bragged about the trip told everybody trying to come to Rochester and, as of today, to study at Rochester. Stepping back away from the fairy business. Really lost my faith in Ruchester. It's been almost twenty years since the beginnings of the fast fairy project, a long enough time for Rochester and it's people to gain some perspective. There may even be a few people out there who still miss the magnificent boat. I can't take the number of people who come up to me. She'll do, and they almost whispered. I wrote the fairy it was a wonderful experience. Too Bad. Well, you...

...think it'll ever come back, because we really need the fairies? Demise left a sour taste in the mouths of many and people are left to wander just who was responsible on this season of here you are, the history podcast from the University of Rochester. Join me, Tom Fischman and our production team as we look for answers. Was this a case of corrupt management, of poor and incompetent planning, or was it a case of bad luck and bad timing, of good intentions gone a rid?.

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